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Radiant Floor Heat

In the middle of winter, nothing quite beats the sensation of stepping on a warm tile floor. Radiant heat, or underfloor heating, has become very popular for it’s ability to add incredible luxury to living spaces, but also it’s potential for energy savings in the long run.

Radiant heat comes from heat that is absorbed and emitted slowly over time, even after the heating source has been turned off. An example of this is a cast iron stove, which remains hot long after a fire burns out. Radiant floors have the ability to heat an entire room over time, reducing and even eliminating the need for less efficient systems like forced hot air. This is especially true in transition months in the spring and fall when only a little heat is needed to create a comfortable environment.

And let’s face it, who likes stepping on an ice cold bathroom floor?

Radiant heat floors are most typically considered during home construction or remodeling, when flooring has been removed. If you are remodeling your home or replacing your room flooring, underfloor heating could be the perfect way to upgrade your living spaces.

The expert technicians at McMackin Mechanical would be happy to meet with you and discuss your options for radiant floor heating in your home.

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